Yoga and Minimalism

Today marks my first day of corporate yoga. I have a really wonderful co-worker who is also our instructor, and I am totally kicking myself now for not going to class sooner. On my first day at this company when I was told that yoga was offered twice a week, I said “that’s amazing! I’ll sign up right away”!
Here I am nearly two years later, taking my first class.
Really, I am not upset with myself because I’m fully aware that nobody, including me, can make me do anything before I am ready. I was born several weeks late, was told to watch Star Wars at least a hundred times before I watched it and it became my most favorite thing in the world, and I can’t tell you how many times people asked me what in the heck I was thinking declaring Religious Studies as my major. Shlee does what Shlee wants, apparently, and no amount of reason or logic can change that.
So now apparently I am ready, and I finally made it to my matt. It was wonderful and just perfectly fell into place at the right time. Since deciding on practicing minimalism, I feel like a lot of pieces are beginning to fall into place again. I feel cleaner. I am starting to feel happier. I feel like the kind of life I always picture myself living is here. It was here the whole time, but the fog has cleared and I can see where I am at.
I have to say though, that minimalism is bringing up some challenging issues. Firstly, I haven’t been able to STOP getting rid of things. When I am not going through my stuff, asking myself if it makes me happy, I am THINKING about going through my stuff and practicing the catharsis of putting it in a bag for Goodwill donation. I asked my husband just last night why we need so many bowls. We have six, we only need two.
This brings me to my next challenge: getting the husband on board. He, like the old Shlee, likes to hang onto certain things for sentimental reasons. I don’t blame him one bit, because I one hundred percent understand his hesitation in getting rid of all the random odds and ends. We have three junk drawers and three junk boxes in our home. We have designated six places for things that generally won’t be touched or thought about within the next year. I have decided that, like my yoga practice, I have to take the purging one day at a time, and practice patience with myself and especially with my Beeb.
Which leads into my last point: I am impatient. I want to have a LOT less stuff, right now. If it were just me, I could definitely just pick out a hundred items to keep and give the rest away, but seeing as I am dealing with another person’s emotions here, I need to take it slow. Also, like I mentioned before, I am in the process of losing weight so giving away everything that doesn’t fit would just be dumb.

What do you have the hardest time letting go of?

On the Importance of Balance

Oh boy. It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks. Just when I was starting to kind of get my stuff together—exercise, do my sun salutations, drink more water, etcetera—I catch a cold and mercury goes into retrograde or something, and everything gets thrown off. Work has been extremely busy the past couple of weeks, I had some bad days where I came home and drank straight from the bottle. The dog has been peeing in the house more, the dishes haven’t been done in forever, and we are finally moving (YAYY!) so now half of my stuff is in one place, and half in the other. I have also been eating like total crap lately, so I just really feel like a hot mess.
This is not to say that things have necessarily been going badly. In fact, things are going great at the moment; I am just not in the right mindset to enjoy all of it. That’s the thing about allowing your mental and physical health to fall to the wayside; things get out of balance and then it becomes difficult to focus on how wonderful life is. Had I continued my sun salutations every day, I would have been more present when we walked into our new home for the first time!

Having a home that’s truly ours for the first time has been so exciting and fun, and it brings up a lot of new ideas for the future. I look forward to sharing our progress on the house!