On Being a Negativity Magnet and the Wardobe Capsule

Lately I’ve been feeling like I am surrounded by a lot of negativity. At work, at home, in the outside world…it seems like everyone around me has something to complain about. Which I completely can’t blame them for, because I’m probably the biggest complainer of all. Yesterday I kind of stopped and thought that maybe it’s not everyone else who is being negative. Maybe it really is just me, and I’m just drawing all that negative emotion towards me. People might feel the need to complain when they are around me. Ew.
So many wonderful things have been happening to me lately, yet I seem to be moving too quickly or focusing on the wrong stuff—to the point where I look back at a great weekend with family and friends, or a huge milestone and spiritually freeing event, and can’t really remember actually feeling joy. I know I wasn’t mad or upset, but I definitely don’t remember feeling happy either.
How terrible is that? I’m so blocked up by stress, junk food, and negative thoughts that I can’t truly find joy in the things that I am blessed to have or experience. At least I can say that it’s not for lack of trying though. I go on walks, do yoga, try to slow down and enjoy things…the one thing I haven’t focused on is my health, which is why I’m very eager and excited to get deep into this Whole30 experience.
So I did not get to do my yoga last night like I intended (Mad Men was on the DVR), but I did create my summer wardrobe capsule! I’ll have to put some before and after shots in another post, because I can’t even believe how much happier I feel looking in my closet now! I can’t believe I used to feel like I needed more clothes (constantly), when, in reality I have SO MUCH to wear. I think this whole practice will help me find things that fit my comfort and style a little better too—maybe think a little more about the quality of my clothes.

Now, if only I could pare down that massive collection of yoga pants…

Body Reset with Whole30

Today is my first day of trying the Whole30 challenge. It’s 30 days of entirely unprocessed, whole foods and no dairy, grains or legumes, or generally anything else that might be inflammatory or irritating for some people. I like the idea of doing a reset on my digestive system and eating habits. I have been eating a whole lot of bad stuff pretty much since I got married, and it’s gotten to the point where my body is beginning to show physical signs of distress from these months of mistreatment. Besides, my fat jeans are slowly becoming skinny jeans on me and I feel like I could sleep for 15 hours and still be tired. Definitely time for a change.
I think the biggest issue I’ll have with this challenge is NOT putting almond milk in my coffee and NOT going into the fridge for binge-y cheesy or sweet snacks after 7 pm… My addiction to sugar is no joke.
It was a lovely weekend with friends, a sicky husband, sushi and Moscow mules, and I feel very refreshed going back to work. I’m ready to take on a new week, and gearing up for some more minimal-ising around the house. We got all the real necessities from our apartment that we’re moving out of, and into our new home. Things felt so nice and uncluttered, and then we had to go get the rest! I’m slowly unpacking the rest of the stuff and sneakily thanking the items that no longer serve us, and getting them into a “to donate” box without letting my husband see. Don’t worry, I don’t get rid of any of his stuff—I hide that for six months and then donate it if he never asks for it in that time J Tonight I’m going to try going through my closet again and working on a Summer wardrobe capsule.
One more intention for the week that I wanted to get into writing: I want to practice my yoga every day this week. At first, I told myself I would do 30 days, but I think I need a baby goal first. If it happens for seven days and continues beyond that, awesome.

What are your goals for the week?