Warm Weather Intentions

I’m not really a warm weather person, but there’s something very refreshing about the transition into Spring. In our area there isn’t much of a difference between Winter and Spring (or any of the seasons for that matter), but we have more light at the end of the day, it’s warm enough to pull out the tank tops and shorts, and there are Spring events going on every weekend. The summer weather promises lots of activities, and brings nostalgia for summers past when it meant no school and tons of time in the water.

In recent years, even though the summers here are very mild, I haven’t taken advantage of all that our city has to offer. I am literally five minutes from the beach and I may have visited there once or twice each summer since I moved here. Even then, I barely put my feet in the water and rarely am I there for more than an hour or two.

Apparently writing things down helps put them into motion, so I am publishing my intent to get out more this summer. Rather than hide from the heat inside my house, I want to go to farmers markets, hang at the beach, do weekend brunches, check out artsy events…and hopefully we will be in our new home, so we can spend lots of time on DIY projects. Our house isn’t even big enough to hold all the projects I’ve pinned to my Pinterest board, so at least some of those should get done this summer.