Hall Closet Transformation

Now that my morning/noon/night sickness has finally subsided (18 looong weeks in!), I am beginning to get the nesting itch.

I’ve continued to minimize my wardrobe, slowly but surely paring down to less than 100 items of clothing. I always feel so clean after dropping off a big trash bag full of clothes at Goodwill-nothing beats the sight of a simplified closet and drawers! My big challenge has just been to make sure I’m saving the right pieces of clothing for after baby comes. Sure, hardly anything fits me now, but in 10 months hopefully it all will again…My solution has been to take all my nice, too small clothes that I know were favorites at one time, and put them into Rubbermaid boxes in under the bed for the time being.

I finally got rid of two pairs (of like 40) workout leggings, so…PROGRESS!

For your OCD viewing pleasure, I also wanted to share pictures of this weekend’s hall closet transformation. I didn’t get rid of a ton this time, since I’m not sure what the heck we’ll need with an infant in the house, but I did organize it. Last week my mom gently mentioned that she would like to help me organize our closets outside of the bathroom whenever this nesting thing happened. Well, this is something I’ve been wanting to do since we moved in, and this weekend the time was right for some closet TLC.

Chemicals at the bottom, bad for baby
We always end up buying duplicates of toothpaste, razors, etc. because Matt somehow can’t find them in here…


And now for the after shots!

Momma made LABELS!!
Quick grab stuff for myself and Matt in the little wire baskets

The pictures turned out really grainy for some reason, but you get the gist – we can find things in our closet now! And there is plenty of space (a whole 2 or 3 shelves) for when we need to add in any extra baby stuff. How’s that for organized, Mom??

I spent a total of $23 at the 99 cent store and Big Lots! Worth it to be able to tell what’s in there at a glance (and actually find things…).

At some point, I’ll figure out a neater way to organize towels and sheets, but for now the cat really enjoys laying on top of them, so I will humor her a while longer.

Eventually, I would like to re-paper and paint the inside of these too, but there are so many more pressing projects at the moment that I’m just not there yet.

So there you have it, even people with husbands who refuse to get rid of anything can organize their linen/hall closet on a budget.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Body Reset with Whole30

Today is my first day of trying the Whole30 challenge. It’s 30 days of entirely unprocessed, whole foods and no dairy, grains or legumes, or generally anything else that might be inflammatory or irritating for some people. I like the idea of doing a reset on my digestive system and eating habits. I have been eating a whole lot of bad stuff pretty much since I got married, and it’s gotten to the point where my body is beginning to show physical signs of distress from these months of mistreatment. Besides, my fat jeans are slowly becoming skinny jeans on me and I feel like I could sleep for 15 hours and still be tired. Definitely time for a change.
I think the biggest issue I’ll have with this challenge is NOT putting almond milk in my coffee and NOT going into the fridge for binge-y cheesy or sweet snacks after 7 pm… My addiction to sugar is no joke.
It was a lovely weekend with friends, a sicky husband, sushi and Moscow mules, and I feel very refreshed going back to work. I’m ready to take on a new week, and gearing up for some more minimal-ising around the house. We got all the real necessities from our apartment that we’re moving out of, and into our new home. Things felt so nice and uncluttered, and then we had to go get the rest! I’m slowly unpacking the rest of the stuff and sneakily thanking the items that no longer serve us, and getting them into a “to donate” box without letting my husband see. Don’t worry, I don’t get rid of any of his stuff—I hide that for six months and then donate it if he never asks for it in that time J Tonight I’m going to try going through my closet again and working on a Summer wardrobe capsule.
One more intention for the week that I wanted to get into writing: I want to practice my yoga every day this week. At first, I told myself I would do 30 days, but I think I need a baby goal first. If it happens for seven days and continues beyond that, awesome.

What are your goals for the week?

On the Importance of Balance

Oh boy. It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks. Just when I was starting to kind of get my stuff together—exercise, do my sun salutations, drink more water, etcetera—I catch a cold and mercury goes into retrograde or something, and everything gets thrown off. Work has been extremely busy the past couple of weeks, I had some bad days where I came home and drank straight from the bottle. The dog has been peeing in the house more, the dishes haven’t been done in forever, and we are finally moving (YAYY!) so now half of my stuff is in one place, and half in the other. I have also been eating like total crap lately, so I just really feel like a hot mess.
This is not to say that things have necessarily been going badly. In fact, things are going great at the moment; I am just not in the right mindset to enjoy all of it. That’s the thing about allowing your mental and physical health to fall to the wayside; things get out of balance and then it becomes difficult to focus on how wonderful life is. Had I continued my sun salutations every day, I would have been more present when we walked into our new home for the first time!

Having a home that’s truly ours for the first time has been so exciting and fun, and it brings up a lot of new ideas for the future. I look forward to sharing our progress on the house!