Progress: Nursery and Pregnancy

Pregnancy Updates

Pregnancy wise, things are definitely moving along quicker than they did in trimester one. I have officially started trimester three, and I TOTALLY FEEL IT. I had about ten weeks of “I feel great! Super cute and round and bouncy!” and the DAY I hit 27 weeks, I felt puffy, round, cranky, tired, sore, tight, full and just generally super uncomfortable. Baby is growing really fast now, so those nights where I feel stretched to capacity in my belly are getting closer and closer together. Instead of feeling like a little round belly lady, I feel like a GIGANTIC WHALE who literally can’t walk as fast as everyone else, no matter how I try. My pelvis is definitely wider, and that combined with the weight on top of it makes me kind of waddle a little bit already. Like, belly out, head back, feet turned out to 45 degree angles, hands on back waddly. My back hurts so badly by the end of the work day that I want to slap everyone who cheerily asks me how I’m feeling.

I also am super hungry all the time, and all my intentions of eating six small, healthy meals a day are a distant memory. Costco cheese pizza is my spirit animal, and anyone who wants to say something about it can go eat a friggen poo pie.

Peeing has moved to a new level where I literally go pee, pull my pants up, wash my hands, and have to pee again. I usually go back to my desk or the couch and put it off for another 30 minutes, but baby needs to learn some bladder control because I can’t handle that much exercise right now.

Overall, I can’t really complain because all the discomforts are actually so much milder than I was expecting (even though putting up with them all at once is really super tiring). I have a healthy little black-belt ninja in there whom I am so thankful for, and I would honestly gain another 60 pounds and be pregnant another 6 months if it meant I would get to hold their healthy, wiggly, poopy little body in my arms at the end of it all.

Nursery Updates

One of the questions people start asking ASAP when you announce that you’re pregnant is whether or not you have the nursery finished. I’m pretty sure I am guilty of having asked this of my pregnant co-workers plenty of times before I ever got pregnant and really thought about it. It is a little silly though, unless you’re really, really eager I guess, to think that someone would be like “well honey, I am three months pregnant. Let’s buy everything we could possibly need for this baby and paint the room green!”. For me at least, I was still hugging the potty most every day for a good month beyond the end of the first trimester.

So, no, we are still not done with the bebe’s room, but progress has been made! No painting was needed since I picked a nice Navajo White for that room when we moved in. It’s a creamy white-yellowish color, which I probably would have picked for Bdub’s room anyway (smart, smart mommy!). Matt had to make the trim to go around the closet, windows and door, and we had to have the carpet steam cleaned since we like to adopt senile pets who pee on carpets when Gramma and Grampa come to pet-sit and don’t follow the directions I give them.

Grampa (aka Dad) is making our crib (yes, making it, like with his own two hands!), we bought a dresser/changing table this weekend, I found a super comfy glider on Craigslist a few weeks ago, and we HUNG A SHELF this weekend! Nothing’s really put together or in the right place yet, so hanging that shelf was like the first step to getting it all put together and cutesy.

Kitty really wanted to eat the balls so this won’t be their final arrangement.


Closet and door trim!
Matt’s window trim

Also, we finally bought some new bathroom stuff so I can show off the after pictures in another post later this week!



Bathroom Remodeling: Part 1

I am finally getting around to posting this!

Waayy back in July, Matt and I asked my Dad to come down and help us remodel our single, tiny bathroom in our side of the house so that I could feel like we were getting something done with the place. Actually it was more like I was bitching about the heat and the house to my dad over the phone and he said to pick a week where he could come, and just have all the demo done before he got there.

So demo we did, and let me tell you, it is not as fun knocking down walls as you might think. On the DIY network they make it look so carefree and cathartic – people smash into those walls with such gusto as if to say “look at me, I am knocking down a wall in my home and these twin brothers are going to pretty much do the rest of the work for me and I won’t have any problems paying for any of this renovation”! Well for the first swing or two it’s amazing! And then you realize that you’ve just hit a stud and then you panic with every swing, worried your hammer is going to pound right through to the next wall over which is the main wall in your unborn child’s room.

Anyway, here are some before pictures of our 50 year old bathroom. We started to kind of take stuff apart before I remembered to take these, but just imagine a perma-foggy mirror over the sink, a flickering light fixure from 1956, and a super jenky, falling apart cabinet in the blue square over the toilet:

1    23    4

We ended up deciding to re-drywall the entire place since new drywall wouldn’t cost that much, and there were so many terrible patch jobs that it would just be easier to start fresh.

reno1    reno2reno3    reno4

And then Dad swooped in and saved the day with some fresh AF drywall. I really don’t know what happened to my photography skills as I was taking these photos, I’m normally pretty okay at taking them like, upright and not totally crooked.


So that’s it for now. I am going out to buy a new shower curtain and some towels this week, so I can post some decent after pictures for you all. Eventually we’ll need another cabinet over the toilet, but I haven’t found one that wasn’t either too expensive or too cheap-looking yet.


More Home Improvements and Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving with Matt’s family this year was so much fun. Where last year I was the newbie – half the younger cousins had no idea who I was, and thus there wasn’t much conversation – this year, whether because they had seen my face a few more times or because I am now the sacred vessel for their cousin’s child, I had people asking me baby/pregnancy questions left and right! I am an introvert, yes, but I sure do like the attention. And of course pleasant conversation in general, but there’s just something about people staring at my belly that makes me proud. I actually really thought people touching my belly would be super uncomfortable, but if it’s someone I know, I really don’t mind at all. If know your name, friends, please rub away. Bdub likes the attention too.

Anyway, it was so much fun chatting with everyone this year, listening to stories about their kids and what it was like going back to work after their babies were born. If you had told me I would be so wrapped up in a conversation about breastfeeding a year ago, I would have thought you were crazy, but I am like a sponge when mothers talk about their experiences now. One small caveat to that, however, is when well-meaning people give TOO much advice. I.e. “you have to breastfeed until they are two! It’s the most important thing in the world!” “You can’t go back to work after they’re born, it will ruin their lives forever” “If they are not sleeping through the night by six weeks, you are a failed mother” etc. These examples are obviously exaggerated some, but you would be surprised. And this is completely a side note, I actually have not experienced unsolicited advice at all from my new side of the family – I am mostly referencing total strangers and perhaps one person in particular from my own extended family who is a great mother I’m sure, but definitely is like five years younger than me and needs to just be quiet.

And now on the home improvement front, we are moving southward and into the hallway! The ceiling had a monstrous crack in it before because someone had removed one of the beams that should have been framing the recessed lighting up there. We have since replaced some of the framing and are now freezing, as we have no ceiling right smack in the the middle of the house!

Once that drywall is in, we will finally start painting and I’m going to try and rehab the cute old 1950s doorbell up there with some sanding and some retro-colored Rustoleum.

We have also picked out living rooms colors, and it finally feels like things are really starting to come together. Matt has been seriously working his butt off to try and get this stuff done before little Bdub is born. I feel super useless not being able to do much to help, but I am assured that he is moving faster than he would with my help, so I will just continue to eat on the couch and watch.

Finally, an update on the belly: baby was rolling around like crazy in there almost all day yesterday! I woke up feeling it, and laid in bed an extra half hour just paying attention to my little in-utero swimmer. It seriously felt like that baby was kicking off me like you kick off the side of a pool – over and over and over. I have been feeling gentle little pokes here and there in the last few weeks, but the feeling is now unmistakably a person practicing their ninja life skills in there.

Now on to more long weekend productivity!