On Raising a Reader

kid reading a book
little bookworm

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I kept imagining what it would be like to sit on the edge of his bed and read him a chapter of Harry Potter before bedtime. To do all the character voices, and watch his face as he got to experience Hogwarts for the first time. While we are not quite at Harry Potter status yet, Charlie insists on being read some of his favorite board books every night. It’s such a fulfilling thing, to be able to watch him enjoy the same books my mom read to my siblings and I when we were little!

And he loves his books! I wished so hard that my baby would love reading, and he just absorbs it all like a little sponge, asking to be read Caps for Sale for the millionth time (in a day). He gets super involved in the stories too, pointing to things and talking about them, imitating the faces of the characters, and laughing at the silly parts.

I can’t even describe the joy I feel every time Charlie grabs a book to read on his own; he just picks one, sits on his little Thomas the Tank Engine couch, and studies each page as though he were literally sitting there reading a chapter book. It makes me so dang proud, be still my exploding mama heart.

I had posted on my Instagram a few weeks ago about an amazing company, Zoozil, who’s mission is to make learning and reading more accessible through choose-your-own-adventure style e-books for kids. Zoozil has redefined the way kids get to explore the world by putting them in control of the story.

Reading, and making learning exciting for kids is something we are obviously pretty passionate about in our house. Which is why I wanted to share that you can get 50% off any book using the coupon code ChangeTheStory.


Please check them out at www.zoozil.com, and help kids change the story! You can also connect with them on Instagram and FaceBook (@zoozil).

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