Bathroom Remodeling: Part 1

I am finally getting around to posting this!

Waayy back in July, Matt and I asked my Dad to come down and help us remodel our single, tiny bathroom in our side of the house so that I could feel like we were getting something done with the place. Actually it was more like I was bitching about the heat and the house to my dad over the phone and he said to pick a week where he could come, and just have all the demo done before he got there.

So demo we did, and let me tell you, it is not as fun knocking down walls as you might think. On the DIY network they make it look so carefree and cathartic – people smash into those walls with such gusto as if to say “look at me, I am knocking down a wall in my home and these twin brothers are going to pretty much do the rest of the work for me and I won’t have any problems paying for any of this renovation”! Well for the first swing or two it’s amazing! And then you realize that you’ve just hit a stud and then you panic with every swing, worried your hammer is going to pound right through to the next wall over which is the main wall in your unborn child’s room.

Anyway, here are some before pictures of our 50 year old bathroom. We started to kind of take stuff apart before I remembered to take these, but just imagine a perma-foggy mirror over the sink, a flickering light fixure from 1956, and a super jenky, falling apart cabinet in the blue square over the toilet:

1    23    4

We ended up deciding to re-drywall the entire place since new drywall wouldn’t cost that much, and there were so many terrible patch jobs that it would just be easier to start fresh.

reno1    reno2reno3    reno4

And then Dad swooped in and saved the day with some fresh AF drywall. I really don’t know what happened to my photography skills as I was taking these photos, I’m normally pretty okay at taking them like, upright and not totally crooked.


So that’s it for now. I am going out to buy a new shower curtain and some towels this week, so I can post some decent after pictures for you all. Eventually we’ll need another cabinet over the toilet, but I haven’t found one that wasn’t either too expensive or too cheap-looking yet.



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