Wherein my doctor tells me to stop eating carbs

By this point, I have told everyone who would listen, that my OBGYN thinks I am fat and told me, at 20 weeks, after gaining a total of FIVE POUNDS that I should stop eating carbs and simply avoid putting on any more weight during my pregnancy. Basically she is telling me to gag down chicken and veggies for 6 meals a day and just be miserable.

When I flatly asked her if the depression this would cause outweighs the risk of being slightly more overweight, she looked at me confusedly until I laughed to show her I was joking. Because clearly, we just play jokes on each other now during prenatal appointments and she was actually saying “Good job on gaining only five pounds this whole time! No matter how much weight you put on, you are beautiful and your baby is going to be fine!”

So now when I go to eat something and genuinely think to myself, “no, I’ll swap out the fries for some steamed veggies” I end up getting mad and ordering the damn fries just to spite the OB/biotch.

After Christmas, I’ll forgive her.


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