Nursery Progress (or lack thereof)

We (and by we, I do mean my husband) have been diligently working on little bits and pieces of this old house, trying to get the place in decent shape for the arrival of our tiniest little roommate.

When we moved in here, the place had been a rental for decades, so any and all updates were pretty rushed, and nothing was very well taken care of. The place has great bones, but we’ve been slowly adding paint, new trim to everything, and pretty much any other finishing detail you can think of.

For the sake of documentation, I wanted to post our before pictures (even though they aren’t the BEFORE befores…the room had no floor trim, and was PINK before…)

Half-finished closet
Great view of the mess

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be moving some furniture around and hopefully starting the actual decorating of the room!


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