On the Importance of Balance

Oh boy. It has been a whirlwind of a few weeks. Just when I was starting to kind of get my stuff together—exercise, do my sun salutations, drink more water, etcetera—I catch a cold and mercury goes into retrograde or something, and everything gets thrown off. Work has been extremely busy the past couple of weeks, I had some bad days where I came home and drank straight from the bottle. The dog has been peeing in the house more, the dishes haven’t been done in forever, and we are finally moving (YAYY!) so now half of my stuff is in one place, and half in the other. I have also been eating like total crap lately, so I just really feel like a hot mess.
This is not to say that things have necessarily been going badly. In fact, things are going great at the moment; I am just not in the right mindset to enjoy all of it. That’s the thing about allowing your mental and physical health to fall to the wayside; things get out of balance and then it becomes difficult to focus on how wonderful life is. Had I continued my sun salutations every day, I would have been more present when we walked into our new home for the first time!

Having a home that’s truly ours for the first time has been so exciting and fun, and it brings up a lot of new ideas for the future. I look forward to sharing our progress on the house!

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